Past Entries

Charles Bernstein, Topsy-Turvy

Alison Cobb, Plastic: An Autobiography

Donald Revell, White Campion

Paul Celan, Memory Rose into Threshold Speech: The Collected Early Poetry - A Bilingual Edition

Michael Palmer, Little Elegies for Sister Satan
& A Close Reading by Henry Weinfield of ‘Pillars of Stone’: A Poem by Michael Palmer

Julia Bloch, The Sacramento of Desire

Nathaniel Tarn, The Hölderliniae

Nathaniel Mackey, Double Trio - A Restless Messengers Symposium

Zefyr Lisowski - Blood Box - Review By Kristen Renzi

Daniel Tiffany - Cry Baby Mystic

Jerome Rothenberg - The President of Desolation & Other Poems
& Ariel Resnikoff, Unnatural Bird Migrator

Robert Duncan - No Hierarchy of the Lovely: Ten Uncollected Essays and Other Prose 1939-1981 - Review By J. Peter Moore

Peter Gizzi - Now It’s Dark

Billie Chernicoff - Amoretti

Erica Hunt - Jump The Clock: New And Selected Poems - Review By Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Moyshe Kulbak - Childe Harold of Dysna

Geoffrey O'Brien - Who Goes There - Review By Joseph Donahue

Jake Marmer - Cosmic Diaspora

Now at the Threshold: The Late Poems of Tuvia Ruebner - Review By Timothy Quinn

Rachel Blau DuPlessis - Late Work

Robert Adamson - Reaching Light: Selected Poems

Joan Retallack - Bosch’d: Fables, Moral Tales & Other Awkward Constructions - Review By Rachel Blau DuPlessis

In Memoriam Derek Mahon - By Henry Weinfield

Elizabeth T. Gray Jr. - Salient

Philip Terman - This Crazy Devotion

Dan Beachy-Quick - Arrows - Review By Tirzah Goldenberg

Hank Lazer - Covid19 Sutras

Eryn Green - Beit - Review By Donald Revell

Kent Johnson - Because of Poetry, I Have a Really Big House

Patrick Pritchett - Refrain Series

Jeanne Heuving - Mood Indigo

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