RESTLESS MESSENGERS: POETRY IN REVIEW publishes reviews of recent volumes of poetry and related works of criticism and poetics. Our emphasis is on poetry in English, but we occasionally review translations as well. RESTLESS MESSENGERS began publishing in July of 2020, and since then, over fifty reviews and articles have appeared on the blog. We seek fair- minded readers who love poetry and are willing to take the time to engage with more than a paragraph or two about a new book—readers who haven’t already made up their minds about a given book or poet on the basis of style, politics, or identity.

RESTLESS MESSENGERS is edited by poet and critic Norman Finkelstein, who also regularly contributes reviews to the blog. The rest of the reviews are written by guest contributors. If you are interested in reviewing a particular book, please contact the editor, but make sure that you read a few of our reviews first. They are usually about 2000 words long (longer pieces will also be considered), and emphasize poetic analysis and evaluation. We expect clear, vigorous prose written for a serious general readership. Close readings of individual poems are the rule, as is a balanced consideration of poetic form and content. We are not interested in hatchet jobs. We want to know why this particular book, by this particular poet, is worth reading and is of lasting value. If you want to review your friend’s book, that’s fine, if you have something illuminating to say about it. Just let us know it’s your friend that you’re reviewing!

If you are a publisher, and wish to have one of your books considered for review, please contact the editor. Likewise if you are an author with a new book. But in both cases, again, please make sure that you read a few of our reviews first.

RESTLESS MESSENGERS generally posts a new review once or twice a month. If you would like to be on our mailing list, send your email address to the editor.

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